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Find a residential airport or airpark home on aviation acres.  Live your dream of living in an aviation community by buying an airpark home today!
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  Airpark Homes, Airport Hangars For Sale and Aviation Real Estate Property Find airpark homes around the United States and Canada on Aviation Acres.
Florida Airpark Homes, Texas Airpark Homes, Idaho Airpark Homes, California Airpark Homes, Georgia Airpark Homes, Alaska Airpark Homes, Washington Airpark Homes, Arizona Airpark Homes
Our mission is to promote aviation, enhance safety and support initiatives that benefit pilots
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Airpark Homes, Airport Hangars For Sale and Aviation Real Estate Property

 “The mission of Aviation Acres is to promote the aviation community and to support buyers and sellers in their locating and marketing of airport, airpark and floatplane waterfront real estate. We will accomplish this by providing tools and services to create a professional and user-friendly web site.”

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What can Aviation Acres do for you?

Aviation Acres is an aviation real estate database of properties for sale for real estate agents and private sellers (FSBO For Sale By Owners) to have a way to advertise their aviation or major waterfront listings. Any one who has an airplane hangar, residential airpark home, major waterfront (for floatplanes) or any other airport related property for sale or lease can use our site to help them reach the aviation community.

Real Estate Agents - Do you have a large waterfront listing that you've been trying to sale?   Pilots with floatplanes are looking for properties where they can have their plane with them, have you considered marketing it to the aviation community?  Our site is built much like an MLS would be.  We are a true database of properties allowing our visitors to search for very specific criteria they are looking for.  If you have a Buyer client, looking for large waterfront or other aviation property, use our site as resource to know what might be out there that's not in your local MLS. When you sign up you simply pay a small advertising fee (about $110 per year) and you can add up to 10 listings!  You never pay us a referral or percentage of your commission.

Real Estate Agent - Aviation Property Marketing

Aviators - Are you looking for properties where you can live with your plane?  Well we were, and that's why we started this site!  Use our site to find airport hangars, airport homes, residential airparks  or waterfront homes for you floatplane!  You can also use our website to advertise lease space in your hangar. you can search our site by airport, or regionally for very specific criteria.

Pilots looking to find Aviation Property

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Private Sellers (FSBO) - We believe there is a real asset in finding a good real estate agent to help you with selling your home.  However we realize some situations don't allow for you to have an agent in remote areas that work with aviation real estate.  That's why we've decided to allow you to advertise your property on our site as well.  Just sign up under FSBO and you can add your property to our site today.  We would also suggest you use our site to explore options for real estate professionals working with aviation properties in your area.

Individual Sellers - Aviation Property Marketing

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Real estate agentsand REALTORS selling airpark homes
Airpark Homes, Airport Hangars For Sale and Aviation Real Estate Property
find a real estate agent to assist with airport property and airpark property for sale.
Airport and airpark homes for sale. Aviation Acres was designed to assist pilots looking for airport properties and airpark properties or major waterfront real estate for a float plane or seaplane
Airpark Homes, Airport Hangars For Sale and Aviation Real Estate Property
airport hangars for sale,  commercial airport homes and property, community airport guide for real estate

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